The Truth about HCG Injections

Everything you need to know about HCG Injections for Weight Loss

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Where to buy HCG Shots Online

There are a few things you should know before you buy HCG injections online

  • Make perfectly sure you buy real HCG Injections
  • Stay away from fake homeopathic HCG drops
  • Make sure you are getting medical grade HCG
  • HCG Injections should come from a US pharmacy
  • HCG Injections are only legally sold with an HCG Prescription
  • Use a company that provides mixing and injection instructions
  • Check to see if mixing supplies are included in the HCG kit
  • Does the company offer HCG Diet Coaching if needed?
  • Is the company you are buying HCG from use a secure payment?

We have found only one company that meets the basic guidelines to purchase HCG Shots Online. and have listed some of their benefits.

Advanced HCG Diet Center

Includes a 5 Week Supply of HCG Shots
All the supplies necessary for Mixing and Injecting HCG
An HCG Diet Manual, Food Log, and Weight Log are included
You get your own HCG Diet Coach
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